The British Military Carwash Cleaning Services

Corporal's Wash

Small Car = £9
Large / 4x4 = £12

  • Our every day exterior wash.
  • A Corporal is a busy person but still takes great pride in their appearance, so this is the ideal service for them.
  • A thorough exterior hand wash of the bodywork using the finest Autosmart shampoo and synthetic woollen hand wash mitts. Wheels will be cleaned using non-acidic wheel cleaner and wheel-spoke brushes to get into those hard to reach spaces. A thorough hand dry using micro-fibre cloths and then exterior glass is polished and the tyres are dressed.

Sergeant Major's Wash

Small Car = £20
Large / 4x4 = £27

  • Our most popular wash - The Sergeant Major's Wash
  • The Sergeant Major is someone who is going places and needs everything to look 1st class!
  • The exterior will be cleaned as per the Corporal's Wash and then the valeters will turn their attention to the interior.
  • The seats, footwells and even between the seats will be vacuumed before the interior surfaces are wiped down and the interior glass given a good polishing.
  • The boot will be hoovered and rubber footmats will be removed and washed as well.
  • Anyone would be proud to drive away in their car after a Sergeant Major's Wash.

Colonel's Wash

Small Car = £43
Large / 4x4 = £47

  • Everything you need to pass a Colonel's inspection!
  • Do you have somewhere special to be? Fanatical about your clean car or have someone to impress? Then this is the wash for you. Good enough to pass a Colonel's inspection, it takes a little longer than our other washes, but the wait is worth it.
  • After a thorough shampoo and dry of the exterior, the glass will be polished before the car is waxed. We will condition exterior plastics and bumbers if black plastic.
  • Meanwhile the interior will be hoovered throughtout with fine attention to detail being applied (we even use fine detail brushes to get to the areas that other car washes can't reach!). All the surfaces will be cleaned and polished as well as interior glass getting a good glean and polish. If you have rubber floormats, we will take them out and wash them. Everything you need to pass muster!

All of our sites offer outside washes and inside valeting. For more information on our Corporal, Sergeant's Major and Colonel washes please visit the team at your nearest British Military Carwash site and they will be more than happy to talk you through the services they offer and what will suit you best.

The British Military Carwash teams are trained to the very highest standard by Autoglym technicians and only use Autoglym environmentally friendly products.

The British Military Car Wash Difference


The British Military Carwash aim's to help some of the many thousands of ex-forces men and women who leave the military every year. Re-integrating back into civilian life isn't always easy, in fact, it can be a difficult transition which is why we believe providing work, in a commercial environment, with a team structure that is familiar to our colleagues is so important.

We only recruit ex-forces personnel, and where possible, from the local areas that we operate our car wash operations.

The British Military Carwash actively helps injured ex-servicemen and women whenever we can.

Ex-forces Carwash personnel