The British Military Carwash Difference

The British Military Carwash aim is to help some of the many thousands of ex-forces men and women who leave the military every year. Re-integrating back into civilian life isn't always easy, in fact, it can be a difficult transition which is why we believe providing work, in a commercial environment, with a team structure that is familiar to our colleagues is so important.

We only recruit ex-forces personnel, and where possible, from the local areas that we operate our car wash operations.

What's the British Military Carwash difference? It's the Military precision.

The British Military Carwash Squad


Charlie Wainwright

Jet Wash Marksman

Keith 'The Rock' Martin

Car Spa Sniper

John 'Sparkler' Doe

Chief Valet

Jamie 'Shammy' Draper

Chief finisher

Susanne's Story

The British Military Carwash is committed to helping the people who work for us and we recently had a great success with an employee called Susanne, we've changed her name, but this is her story:

Susanne joined the British Army as a private soldier in the Royal Medical Corps. During her time she served in Germany, England and Basra, Iraq. On her tour of Iraq, Susanne encountered many harrowing situations as she was often at the front line of medical care as casualties came back to base.

Having returned to the UK she left the army on medical grounds and was employed in various jobs before working for British Military Carwash.  Susanne worked tirelessly for two years at one of our sites and took the opportunity to enter a counselling programme for which we were able to give her time off work once a week.  Interacting with customers on a daily basis, the responsibility of handling money and running a small business and enough physical work to keep her mind off things and her body fit all went a long way to helping her mend.

Slowly but surely, Susanne’s psychological wounds began to lessen, and eventually, she was able to hold her head up high amongst her friends and talk to them about what had happened to her.

After eighteen months of working for The British Military Carwash, Susanne had found a boyfriend and they had agreed to get married.  After two years of working, Susanne handed in her notice, got married and headed off on a two-week Mediterranean cruise, leaving her worries far behind her.

The team at The British Military Carwash was invited to the wedding and it was with great pride that we watched her walk up the aisle and start a new life!


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